April 9, 2006

California Dreamin’

by Michael Mateas · , 1:56 pm

Quickly on the heels of my previous personal announcement, I have another one. This summer will be my last summer at Georgia Tech. Starting this fall I will be joining UC Santa Cruz, where I will help in building up their new, technically-focused undergraduate degree program in computer game design (here are some working papers describing the degree program), as well as help in building up a new game research lab. The last few years at Georgia Tech have been good ones; I will certainly miss my friends and colleagues here, though I’m sure we’ll continue to actively collaborate and will see each other on a regular basis.

It will be ten years ago this August since my wife and I moved away from the West Coast, first to Pittsburgh (CMU) and then Atlanta. It will be great to be back west, and to forge new and exciting relationships both with my new colleagues at Santa Cruz, and with colleagues in game studios, research labs and universities throughout the greater Bay Area. UC Santa Cruz, with its history as an alternative UC, and its culture of interdisciplinary work, will be a great place to pursue research and teaching in Expressive AI. And it doesn’t hurt that Santa Cruz is a drop-dead gorgeous place to live. So, starting next August, I’ll be in Santa Cruz. Till then I’ll be California Dreamin’.