April 10, 2006

Logoz in the Hood

by Nick Montfort · , 3:21 pm

A logozoan at Brown Robert Kendall has just launched the site for his new generator-backed, photo-enabled sticker literature project, Logozoa. Photos provide the logozoo – more exhibits are sought from contributors – while texts are downloadable and sticker-printable from the adopt-a-zoa section of the site. This project is aphoristic rather than novelistic or completely open and blank. It’s is based on Rob’s earlier Soothcircuit system, emplying some of the sayings that system can diagram.

2 Responses to “Logoz in the Hood”

  1. Rob Kendall Says:

    Logozoa are spreading everywhere from the Prime Meridian in Swavesey, England, to Ground Zero in New York City to Plymouth Rock to Sylvia Plath’s former residence in Wellesley, Mass. See them in the Logozoo at:


  2. Grand Text Auto » Sticker Saint Petersburg Says:

    […] project — Sticker Saint Petersburg — was inspired by work like Implementation, Logozoa, and The Bubble Project. Though no one tried to use the opportunity to esta […]

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