April 24, 2006

Northwest Games Festival

by Andrew Stern · , 6:24 pm

Some enterprising folks in my hometown of Portland, Oregon are organizing a free, one-day games festival on Saturday June 3rd, called the Northwest Games Festival. Register on-line to come show off your game, attend sessions, awards, etc. Everyone is invited, including all you up in Seattle and Vancouver, you out there in Boise, come on Eureka, hey you up in Anchorage…

I hope to do a session on getting into game programming, participate on a panel with local indie studio folks, and make Façade available to play.

Procedural Arts is proud to be a sponsor of the festival.

8 Responses to “Northwest Games Festival”

  1. Gunblade Says:

    WOW! I am so there!

    Thanks for the tip, now just to make time to actually drive down to portland.

  2. Peter Dassenko Says:

    That’s really cool…I wish I still lived in PDX.. I grew up there & moved to California to get into the vidoe game industry via the QA route… I don’t have an formal programming training, I’m about to start teaching myself Java … I want to get into production & possibly move back to PDX & get invovled with an indie publisher … good to see there is a possability of that happening — if the job market improves and there are more publishers up there!!

  3. noah Says:

    I think a friend of mine from high school — Ian Welke — is up in that area working for Cranky Pants Games (in Kirkland, WA). Do you know if anyone from Cranky Pants is involved?

  4. Beth A. Dillon Says:

    Not yet, but I will be in touch with them! I only found a phone number on their web site, but I’ll track them down.

  5. Owen Muñiz Says:

    Thanks for pointing this out! Now I’m thinking about doing a presentation on IF for the festival.

  6. Beth A. Dillon Says:

    Anyone can also register directly at http://www.nwgamesfestival.com/registration.htm.

  7. Beth A. Dillon Says:

    We’ve released our schedule. Chris Crawford is the keynote.

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