April 29, 2006

Needed: Art-Gamers with a sense of Activism!

by Mary Flanagan · , 3:36 pm

I know you are out thereā€¦

and I want to make sure I find you. I’m writing a book and organizing a panel of artists using games and/or gaming technology in their artwork, and more specifically, for harnessing artistic aims to move towards social or real world issues (aka future farmers, anne-marie schleiner, tamiko thiel, natalie bookchin) and am always looking for pointers to new materialā€¦

Please feel free to drop me an email (mary zap maryflanagan pow com) or post via comment here on GTxA if you have your own, or a friend’s work, to share. Bonus points if any of the said artists will be in the NYC area later in June for possible panel invites! merci merci~