May 6, 2006


by Noah Wardrip-Fruin · , 7:26 am

Yesterday, as Scott predicted, I successfully defended an interdisciplinary PhD at Brown. I’ll be posting more information about it before long, and hopefully updating my moribund personal website at the same time, but first I have some plans. The biggest is for this May 28th, when I’ll be getting married to Jennifer. We’ve been friends for 19 years now, and I’m looking forward to being family with her.

This summer I’ll also be starting a new job in UCSD’s Communication department. They advertised for a practitioner/theorist of digital media, and that’s just the kind of position I was after — plus the UC system seems a hopping place for GTxA-style work these days. Also, beyond the trip to Brazil, I’ll be going to Russia for two weeks to teach at the Summer Literary Seminars, as well as making a trip to India for two weeks to meet Jennifer’s father and other members of her family there. Then there’s moving across the country, perhaps buying a house, and one or two other things in the works…

In the meantime, I’ll be posting here as much as life allows, and perhaps will get to catch up with folks at ISEA? (I’m afraid I’ll only be dropping in at E3.)