May 7, 2006

Satisfying Review Review on ebr

by Nick Montfort · , 8:02 pm

Electronic Book Review keeps on going, and going, and going: New contributions are now available on three threads, Writing [Post] Feminism, Critical Ecologies, and End Construction.

Among the new items on the feed is a review of Marie-Laure Ryan’s Narrative as Virtual Reality, which I’m very glad to see being further discussed. (Noah’s review on here has been one of too few texts to grapple with this formidable book.) The ebr review seemed to me to based on more than one misreading, however – or at least to be written from a perspective or frame that doesn’t have much to do with Ryan’s arguments. My disappointment with these problems in the review was pretty much erased when I read Dave Ciccoricco’s riposte to review. I would say more nice things about this response, but I’d be writing a review review review if I did that. I’ll just encourage everyone to check out the whole thread, including, if you can manage, the book.

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