May 12, 2006

A Column Treats Gamers to IF

by Nick Montfort · , 1:58 pm

The gaming website TeamHomp, while busy covering E3, has just added new column on IF and similar matters, Cardinal Points. Graphical adventures may be in the works for future installments, but the first column is a good introduction to IF with several solid recommendations of modern-day games.

It happens, of course, that mainstream gaming magazines and sites will have an occasional “remember Infocom?” article. Infocom deserves to be remembered, but perhaps there’s been a turn from pure nostalgia in IF coverage. It’s heartening to me that, to add to recent coverage in MobyGames and Computer Games Magazine, TeamHomp provides enthusiastic recommendations of six recent IF games that are available from the IF Archive (the best interface to which is Baf’s Guide). Although every general-interest article on this topic is required to start off with Adventure, Zork, and the commercial boom in IF – this is also true of the general academic ones I’ve been writing of late – I have a sense that recent press about IF has been looking into the work of contemporary “hobbyist” authors like me with more interest. Time will tell … and I’ll look forward to seeing the direction the Cardinal Points column is going to take.