May 17, 2006

Two Bits, Four Bits, Eight Bits, a Video

by Nick Montfort · , 5:05 pm

Beautiful Ground This gem has probably become the most famous execution of an Apple II program recorded online. I’d be very interested to hear if you know of any other contenders, though.

Something like the reverse of this music video project has been done, too, using a soundtrack sampled from classic hardware and more “modern” video: “Video Computer System” by Brazilian electonica duo Golden Shower hit the net way back in 2000. Samples of VCS sounds aren’t truly chiptunes, sure, and you gotta like the textual Applesoft BASIC program idea, but both of these are still high-quality cultural productions.

3 Responses to “Two Bits, Four Bits, Eight Bits, a Video”

  1. Jason Scott Says:

    All Hail Nick!

  2. nick Says:

    Jason pointed out the “Beautiful Ground” video to me, but since he required that I make it known that this was a widespread, totally over, antiquated video of an Apple II program that has been online forever and which everyone knows about, I couldn’t figure out how to appropriately credit him. But, thanks.

  3. michael Says:

    Well I’m glad he pointed you to the video, even if it’s so over. Both videos were new to me – they’re great.

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