May 18, 2006

girls – n – games

by Mary Flanagan · , 1:24 pm

Thanks to coverage on Gamasutra, I shall merely note last week’s Girls ‘N’ Games thinktank held last week on the UCLA campus. The event consisted of an intense day workshop followed by a conference. I’m cited along with some fantabulous colleagues including Brenda Laurel, Tracy Fullerton, Justine Cassell, Mimi Ito, Carrie Heeter, and Celia Pearce, only to name a few. Look forward to a book emerging from the event…

Meanwhile, I’m in the throes of formal assessment on the RAPUNSEL project! We’re working with over 80 kids at a particularly cool school. molto interressante!

2 Responses to “girls – n – games”

  1. mary Says:

    mark also posted his notes here.

  2. michael Says:

    Chess for girls, linked from Mark’s comments, is pretty damn funny (and great, pointed, gender commentary).

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