May 22, 2006


by Andrew Stern · , 6:05 pm

The schedule is posted for the upcoming Northwest Games Festival, Saturday June 3rd in Portland, and it appears to have a sizable dose of interactive narrative content. Southern Oregon-based Chris Crawford will be keynoting, presumably discussing and pimping his and his team’s latest Storytron efforts. Portland-based Alexandre Owen Muniz will be giving a presentation on IF; his piece A New Life tied for 2nd place at IF Comp 2005.

Since I assume there’ll be plenty of newbies there, rather than present Façade I volunteered to give an intro to game programming lecture, where I plan to proselytize Inform 7 (and 6), Processing, Torque (also Oregon-based!) and any other accessible systems and high level languages I can think to suggest.

3 Responses to “IF at NWGF”

  1. Jeff Says:


    While I won’t be able to attend the NWGF, is there any chance that you might put some of that introductory game programming lecture online somewhere, or summarize its main points? I spent some time this semester trying to teach myself just a little game programming, but kept getting bogged down with low-level languages that were either to complex for a newbie or that didn’t have a lot of immediate relationship to game content. So I’d like to hear your recommendations on this.

  2. andrew Says:

    Good idea; will do.

  3. Owen Muñiz Says:


    I’d come to your lecture, but it looks like we’re scheduled at the same time. Which may be good if there’s some overlap; we won’t have to worry about people hearing about the wonders of Inform 7 twice.

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