May 24, 2006

manga and graphic novelists/ artists

by Mary Flanagan · , 3:20 pm

attention ! New York publisher looking for graphic novelists/ manga artists and writers

on a new science book series for teenage girls (along the lines of Ai Yazawa, Junko Mizuno, etc). We may also tie the book series to a computer game!

Think: fun, educational, scientific, mysterious, adventurous, etc etc.

Please send web link to your work, your experience and a letter to:
mary atmaryflanagan dotcom in the subject line please note “graphic novelists/ manga artists”

One Response to “manga and graphic novelists/ artists”

  1. mary Says:

    JUST so y’all know, I am working with the fabulous Laura Lee on a graphic novel (or three). Thanks gtxa community for hooking us up!

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