May 25, 2006

Façade Player Survey

by Michael Mateas · , 4:08 pm

I’m currently working with Blair MacIntyre, Steve Dow and Manish Mehta on AR-Façade (Mary mentioned this in an earlier post). Part of this project involves evaluating the difference in the player experience between the desktop and embodied AR versions of Façade. And of course, to do this, we need to better understand the player experience of the original Façade. Following up on earlier evaluation work on Façade, we’re currently conducting a web survey. We seek participants who have played Façade and are willing to answer questions about their experience. The online survey does not collect any identifiable personal information and will take approximately 10-15 minutes of your time.

Click here to take the Façade survey.

One Response to “Façade Player Survey”

  1. Raph’s Website » Façade Player Survey Says:

    […] lways like to link to folks doing surveys, so everyone: if you played Façade, go take the Façade Player Survey and help out the creators!


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