May 29, 2006

Grand Wedding Photo

by Andrew Stern · , 11:59 pm

Yesterday in Los Angeles, Grand Text Auto, among others, celebrated the wedding of Jennifer and Noah!

Pictured, from left to right: Andrew, Scott (played by Eva Vu Stern; we realize this is confusing, as Eva has more hair than Scott), Nick, Noah the dashing groom, Mary and Michael.

On that note, Scott is rumored to be occupied with nuptial ideas of his own recently…

Update: By popular demand, here’s a picture that includes the bride!

13 Responses to “Grand Wedding Photo”

  1. Stewart Says:

    Mary is absolutely beautiful. Do these comments ever *really* get posted?

  2. scott Says:

    Congratulations! You all look mighty fine. And Eva is an excellent substitute. She may have a bit too much hair but she’s got the casual look of devil may care nonchalance down pat. Wish we were there.

  3. Jim Whitehead Says:

    Congratulations!!! Getting married is the ultimate “power up” :-)

  4. andrew Says:

    Ooh, Mary’s got a fanboy…

  5. Stewart Says:

    This is all slightly embarrassing… I didn’t think my comment would actually be posted. (I had recently written a comment about the Apple II music video which didn’t get posted.) Also embarrassing: I actually made that Apple II video.

  6. andrew Says:

    Hi Stewart, sorry your comment didn’t get posted; we manually scan a moderation queue of comments, to screen out spam. We delete spam comments en masse; occasionally we must accidentally delete some ham (a real comment). Please re-comment on the Apple II post — your Apple II video is great!

    Also, no need to be embarrassed, any and all gratuitous praise of our good looks is always welcome!

  7. mary Says:

    my my my. stewart’s not so hard on the eyes himself! the B+G, however, were FAR more dazzling, believe me.

    does this mean I am commanded to watch your AII video? After all, “Stewart stands at the intersection of humans and robots”– what girl could resist?

  8. adam Says:

    to be fair,the photo doesn’t really do Mary justice; she’s far more beautiful than that. and — I’m not sure if this exists — a photo of GTAers with their SO’s. regardless, a wonderful weekend all around.

  9. BKS Says:

    Noah looks dashing in his suit! For a second I thought he got married to Mary, viva nepotism! But the question those of us not as deep in the Wardrip-Fruin loop is 1) where are the pictures of Jennifer, and 2) what names are y’all taking. Wardrip-Fruin is already a mouthful.

  10. andrew Says:

    I thought I’d leave it to Noah to post any pix of him and Jen, albeit they are currently honeymooning in India, purposefully offline for a while I think.

    I will say that it was the best muppet-themed Quaker wedding I’d been to in a while.

    Your question about hyphenated names is interesting; in naming our daughter Eva, we decided to not go with a hyphenated last name, because then she’d face the naming dilemma Noah and Jen have at marriage, or at least will have if they have a child.

    I like what the Portuguese (and probably other cultures too) do: just keep adding middle names. A Portuguese friend of mine has something like 6 middle names, accumulated from her parents’ and grandparents’ marriages and so on. They shed some of the older middle names as needed, to keep their full names relatively manageable.

    Along those lines, Eva got her mom’s last name as her middle name.

  11. noah Says:

    We’re back from India, and now there’s a picture that includes Jen added to the original post as an update. (It’s from the ceremony.)

    Many thanks for all the congratulations!

  12. Jen Says:

    The bride also thanks the readers of Grand Text Auto for the congratulations :) It was wonderful to meet so many members of the blog during the wedding weekend.

    To answer BKS’s question, I’m legally changing my last name to Wardrip-Fruin but (somewhat like Andrew’s family) making my current last name into my middle name. Which will officially make my initials JMW-F. A mouthful indeed!!

    But at my place of business, I’ll be known under my birth name. (I like that so much better than “maiden” name).

    And I agree — Noah does look dashing in his suit!

  13. josemanuel Says:

    First and foremost, all the three ladies in the pictures look gorgeous, but my question is: What’s Nick looking at?

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