June 4, 2006

This Tuesday: 06/06/06

by Scott Rettberg · , 5:41 am

Numerologists are hopping excited, and fearful. The number of the beast, and all that. So in the morning it will be 06:06:06:06:06. This long a series of single digits in a date and time won’t occur again until, um, July of next year, when 7 gets its lucky day.

27 Responses to “This Tuesday: 06/06/06”

  1. Fox Harrell Says:

    Speaking of this, if anyone is in the area they might want to stop by the 06/06/06 conference at the U.C. Berkeley Center for New Media on Serious Games . Every year the Center for New Media uses x/x/x as a formula for the day of the conference.

  2. mark Says:

    Among the folks appropriating the significant date for their dastardly ends are:

    National Day of Slayer

    National Emo Kid Beatdown Day

    The California state primary election

  3. andrea moon Says:

    i’m not bothered about the 06/06/06 thing coz it’s my birthday :D:D:D

  4. Neilio Says:

    it’s my birhtday too but i’m still not bothered about it as i consider myself the devil anyway!! :P:P

  5. dans Says:

    i beg to differ,i foresee a night of extreme terror and death!
    the world will tear itself apart, the skies will be dyed blood red by
    the sheer loss of human lives, chaos! everywhere!

  6. lunchbox Says:

    everyone needs to settle down it is just another day

  7. Louis Dargin Says:

    Looking at “06/06/06” mathematically, 06/(06/06) equals 6, which is a safe number, but (06/06)/06 evaluates to 1/6, or 1.666666…, which has many “666”s in it, and spells serious trouble.

  8. Yolaina Says:

    i THINK that this day is the day of devilish worship and is crazy and odd and and and….

  9. Yolaina Says:

    I also think that you people should know that our president’s name, George Walker Bush Jr. , is Satanic, or devilish, sign because
    if you notice George has six letters, Walker has six letters, and Bush Jr. has six letters, the question is not only is he a
    sign of the devil himself,but did his parents know this, or did it just kind of happen?

  10. Sean Says:

    6/6/06 would be way to obvious of a day for satanic terror all over the world. However it will be a night that many evil spirits will roam. Nothin major. These demons will only effect you if you let them depending on what kinda person you are and what activities you will be doing. And most of the time when you let them its actually pretty damn interesting/fun. I’m pretty sure God doesn’t condone it. But what better day than this….

  11. scott Says:

    I don’t know how you fared, in the rest of the world, but on this awful day, absolute mayhem was unleashed in Scandanavia.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know about you all but the wourl is taking this way to hard i really dont think aney thing will happen and besids acording to the old writings of the bible the one of the deval is allready born in to the world and has bean for quit a wile so to day is really nothing and if the world is going to end doesent it say that jesus will come to get us and ther is no sign of him yet so i am pritty shore that we still have quit awile haha

  13. Anonymous Says:

    It’s the end kids. Nice sharing this earth with you- it’s the end of terror -you should be rejoicing. One thing you didn’t know is that it’s not 6:AM, but 6:PM. At 06:06:06pm EXTREME terror will be unleashed everywhere. Just a warning.

  14. Brad Says:

    ok..this is not a day of satanic terror or what not b/c the bible says there will be a world
    dictator and that hasnt even happened yet. none of this bullshit for a while to come.. not in
    none of your lifetimes so get over it

  15. mark Says:

    Phew! I was worried for a bit, but thanks to the Bible and “Brad” I can sleep easily tonight!

  16. Rukhy Says:

    Hello peeps! Everyone still living? :p

  17. mike Says:

    hey folks’
    I thought I would throw my 666 cents in.
    In the book of revelations in the bible it
    says 666, the mark of the beast, is the
    number of a man, not a date. Now thats a lot
    harder to figure out.

  18. andrew Says:

    Wow, if only GTxA was “a group blog about digital narrative, games, poetry, art, and satanic terror”, then we’d have so much more discussion.

  19. nick Says:

    But andrew, it became such a blog on 06/06/06!

  20. andrew Says:

    The devil’s in the details, yes

  21. Sean Says:

    the devil is at work

  22. Dirk Scheuring Says:

    The devil can’t handle all that discussion, anyway.

  23. scott Says:

    No rest for the wicked.

  24. Betty Summitt Says:

    you all can bite me. emo kids kick so much ass. i dated a fucking emo kid and according to everyone in my scool i am emo. so kiss my ass. oh and i didn’t get punched in the face on 6/6/06 so blah on u. oh and just so u know i may only be 15 and a girl but i can kick some major ass. bye

  25. me Says:

    ur all a bunch of bullshitters. 06/06/06 is not the apoccolipse

  26. Rose Says:

    check it out we’re not dead!

  27. JohnJupiter Says:

    haha obviously only dirtbags hate emo’s

    haha add my myspace:P


    pce bitches

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