June 5, 2006

Another Poem to Load

by Nick Montfort · , 10:34 am

From CC“CC” is a poem by Nick Montfort, written for the Web in April and May 2006.

  1. The poem is written for Carmen Conde’s centenary in 2007.
  2. The poem contains 100 words, each of which are (more or less obscure) words in both English and Spanish.
  3. Moving the pointer over a word highlights that word and one other, so that the pair can be read as a phrase, aloud or in the mind.
  4. Conde’s book Jaguar puro inmarchito (Pure Unwithered Jaguar), and the fact that the word “jaguar” is a word in both English and Spanish, suggested that, in the interests of purity, the letters in that word should not occur anywhere in the poem.

4 Responses to “Another Poem to Load”

  1. mark Says:

    There once was a poet named Montfort
    His Raven had pages ’twere quite short
    The digital age
    Expanded his stage
    Now “CC” is something of poem-sport

  2. josemanuel Says:

    Hey, it´s fun! If you play with it long enough, you can discover cycles like: “semen miscible ohm visible cosmos poncho visible cosmos”, etc. Actually, “visible cosmos poncho visible” seems the end of many combinations, like: “bolo detective plebe divisible pixel sol son visible cosmos poncho visible”, etc. Hum. I wonder what that might mean. There should be a mathematical notation for talking about this poem properly. After all, there are periods in it. Great work, Nick!
    (Hum, there are more cycles, like “veto limbo polo so” and “oboe solo volt echo”. Hum, again.)

  3. Sean Says:

    waiting for the break of conscience
    waiting for the end of time
    inching towards no existence
    all the sinners get in line

    un wanted suspense
    awaiting the beast
    fuels stop melting our ice caps
    remember to keep planting trees

  4. mary Says:


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