June 11, 2006

Games for Change 2006

by Mary Flanagan · , 6:19 am

Games for Change (G4C) has launched the early registration website for its 2006 conference on “Social Change and Digital Games.” The 3rd annual event will be co-hosted June 27th and 28th with the Parsons The New School for Design in New York City’s Greenwich Village.

This event is the annual gathering for the exciting new movement using digital games to address the most pressing issues of our day. At the conference, expert practitioners — academics, activists, non-profits — will be called in to examine the impact of current games and preliminary work to build the field. Keynotes include Bob Kerrey, The New School President, and best-selling author Steven Johnson of “Everything Bad Is Good For You.”

I am hosting a panel on Wednesday June 28 entitled “Trailblazers: Artists and Individuals Creating New Games for Change” and other familiar faces will include Ian Bogost and Katie Salen of Parsons. Panel topics include Games for Global Peace, Creating a PBS for Games, Academic Evaluation Efforts, Recent Funding Initiatives, Health and Environmental Awareness Campaigns, and Guerrilla Nonprofit Games.

Featured speakers include Josh Fouts, Executive Director of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy, Connie Yowell, Senior Program Officer, MacArthur Foundation, Heather Chaplin and Aaron Ruby, authors of “Smart Bomb,” game maker Asi Burak of PeaceMaker, the UW-Madison’s David Williamson Shaffer, representatives from MTV and the Museum of the Moving Image, David Rejeski, Director of the Foresight and Governance Project at the Wilson Center, and Katie Salen, Acting Director of the Design and Technology Center at the New School, among many others.

Registration fees will increase after May 26th. I hope to encounter the GTxA community at the conf!

2 Responses to “Games for Change 2006”

  1. Matt B Says:

    Hi, just found this site. Hope this is the best place to write this:

    I’ve been playing a game called TriadCity for a while, you can find it at http://www.smartmonsters.com/TriadCity/index.jsp

    Anyway this game calls itself a large-scale multi-user role playing game with a literary orientation and the creator Mark Philips has written an essay on why he considers the game to be literature. You can find that at http://www.smartmonsters.com/TriadCity/BeLit/index.jsp

    If you like the sound of this then be sure to pay a visit, we can always do with more people around!

  2. mary Says:

    do you see triadcity as a game for change?

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