June 15, 2006

Numbers Flip Out

by Nick Montfort · , 2:02 pm

The answer updside down is BLOG To those of you who speak Beghilos, the practice of constrained writing using a calculator may come as no surprise – and I do recall it being mentioned during the recent E-Fest 2006 at Brown. To some, though, this concept could seem odd. Calculators can be art objects, yes, but tools for digital writing?

The major project in this category seems to be Amos Latteier’s Calculator Haikus, exhibited in 2000. (Note his use of the 6 for the lowercase “g” as opposed to the 9 for the capital “G” seen in the photo here.) From these texts, it seems that the calculator is predisposed to describe things like sludge underfoot and accidentally discharged petroleum.

While some settle for being 1337, others will choose to be ELIGIBLE (upside down). Here’s a calculator word list and some puzzles if you want to join the Beghilos ranks and OOZE GLOSSES as a LOGOS BOSS.

4 Responses to “Numbers Flip Out”

  1. B Rickman Says:


  2. mark Says:

    Ah yes, the classic BOOBIES brings back some memories of elementary school.

  3. scott Says:

    That’s the one I remember from junior high school math class. Actually, that’s most of what I remember from junior high school math class.

  4. sott Says:

    i remembered boobless in elementary school.

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