June 19, 2006

ACE Past, AIIDE Tomorrow, CA and IVA Future, LA LA LA

by Andrew Stern · , 5:24 pm

We’ve neglected to point out that the second Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) conference is about to happen, this week in LA. I don’t think any of us from GTxA will be there this year unfortunately, although I believe one or two of Michael’s grad students will have posters there. Here’s the list of presentations, which includes a talk by a Sims 2 developer, “The Power of Projection and Mass Hallucination: Practical AI in The Sims 2 and Beyond”, as well as “Emotions in Human-Agent Interactions” by Jonathan Gratch, a leading researcher at the Institute for Creative Technologies, USC.

Last week, also in LA, was Advances in Computing Entertainment (ACE), an pretty pricey conference with an interesting line-up of presentations, including Michael presenting an experimental Alternative Reality version of Façade, work with his colleague Blair MacIntyre and others. Maybe Michael can add a comment describing ACE a bit for us?

Also, a reminder that Intelligent Virtual Agents (IVA) will be taking place August 21-23 in LA. This one both Michael and I plan to attend, to give a talk on developing Façade, and demo at the Gathering of Animated Lifelike Agents (GALA). Hope to see you there.

But take a break from LA, in mid-July in Boston for an AAAI workshop on Computational Aesthetics: AI Approaches to Beauty and Happiness, which includes presentations on predicting happiness in smart home denizens, Fox Harrell on interactive poetry generation, a talk on suspense from Michael Young of NCSU’s Liquid Narrative research group, and lo! Nick Montfort on NLG and Narrative Variation in IF.