July 18, 2006

Game/Play in the UK

by Andrew Stern · , 2:37 am

Speaking of new digital art shows, it seems GTxA’s Mary Flanagan has joyfully erected a sturdy piece of interactive art at a new UK game art show called Game/Play. Pictured to the right, it’s sort of an Iwo Jima meets Asteroids with Lilliputians, don’t you think? (To follow up Noah’s “Sticker St. Petersburg” post, maybe I should have called post this “Sticking London”)

With a dozen or so pieces in total, the show has four installations alongside Mary’s, including “Fluffy Tamagotchi (teddy bear material, Chicco toy TV set, 25 year old BBC microcomputer and some sensors), which can sing, wave its arms around and shit blue turds.” There are seven screen-based works — three online and four in the gallery, including recently blogged The Endless Forest from Tale of Tales, a funky second-person shooter by Julian Oliver, and your and my favorite digital marital arts game.

Accompanying the show is a catalog (pdf) of 20 specially commissioned texts on art / games / culture, including one by Mary. Mary is at the show, so expect a post with more details in the near future.