August 16, 2006

Two New Masterblogs

by Nick Montfort · , 3:18 pm

It’s about time I noted on here that my mentor Henry Jenkins has started a blog. Henry writes about a variety of topics, digital and non-digital, and is particularly deft at figuring out how fans and commuinities of readers/viewers/players/etc. connect to and rework media. Jesper mentioned his new blog a while ago, but I’ve kept forgetting to post something about it here. I have finally been parted to do this by Ian Bogost’s review of Henry’s new book, Convergence Culture, and by the three-part reply Henry has posted to it (1 2 3) and the comments that have followed. Join the fracas, or just unfold your lawn chair on a nearby hill and watch the fun.

Also, Jason Scott clued me in to Brian Moriarty’s blog – Moriarty is the author of Wishbringer and Trinity. There’s only one post so far (and no fracas) but the subtitle of the blog is “Interactive fiction, then and now,” so I’ll eagerly await further posts.

One Response to “Two New Masterblogs”

  1. jason Says:

    Moriarty’s blog now just says “closed”. Maybe the launch was premature.

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