August 25, 2006

Horse Less Carriage Returns

by Nick Montfort · , 12:57 pm

horse less review 4

horse less review 4, an online collection of poetry and prose, is up. This is the serial edited by Erika Howsare and Jen Tynes, who also have been writing the traveling essay “Don’t You Have a Map?, part 10 of which stopped by Grand Text Auto to be published here this month.

Am I imagining the emphasis on food and science in this issue, which offers “An Essay on Milk,” “Reveal 54: Nutrition,” and “tomaquet cherry“? Good places to start reading this one include “Recycling” and “Changsha” by Jim Goar and the distant excerpt from Drive by Sarah Lang. My own contribution to this issue is “Count on It,” a poem in four parts, each of which has an answer.

I’m curious about two things: First, of course, whether anyone is going to solve any of my poem. Beyond that, are there are other interesting online “little magazines” worth reading, along the lines of CrossConnect and this one? Which ones do you read or at least look at once in a while?

4 Responses to “Horse Less Carriage Returns”

  1. Brian Moriarty Says:

    i. eye ii. aye iii. aiy! iv. i?

  2. Charles Wheeler Says:

    To answer the easier of your questions, I solved your poem.

    The trick, in my case, was to work backwards.

  3. Brian Moriarty Says:

    Or how about:

    i. eye (1)
    ii. aye aye (2)
    iii. aiyiyi! (3)
    iv. IV (“ivy”, or Roman numberal 4)

  4. nick Says:

    Indeed, you are correct!

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