August 28, 2006

Shelfless Dishes

by Nick Montfort · , 2:47 am

Spineless Books index of publications William Gillespie is not only a more productive writer than you are – if you throw away all the writing he does except for when he’s making up pseudonyms under which to publish his writing, he’s still a more productive writer than you are. William can write half of one novel and finish proofreading another in the time it takes a police officer to write him a ticket for writing while driving.

In fact, the sheer amount of writing that William has published via his Spineless Books – which does, admittedly, include some texts that were written by others, such as Joshua Corey, Mike Maguire, Dirk Stratton, Ingrid Ankerson, Raymond Federman, Larry McCaffrey, and Harry Stephen Keeler – has now exceeded the total quantity of Web content hosted by France.

Recent additions include the very lively, funny, and short Mars Needs Lunch by “Jimmy Crater,” available as a well-designed a codex and in an absurd Flash file. There’s a 1990 collage novel, The Assassination of Roy’s Suspended Disbelief, also online, written by a “Q. Synopsis.” An excerpt is up from Gillespie’s book Letter to Lamont, not to be confused with his hypercube, Letter to Linus. No word yet on whether a Letter to Lieberman will be forthcoming. There is a selection of classics, too, including Gadsby: A Story of over 50,000 Words without Using the Letter “E,” by Ernest Vincent Wright.

William also has a most fascinating conversation with Gene Dillon in a recent issue of Mental Contagion.

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