September 20, 2006

As Reel as Your Lives

by Nick Montfort · , 11:57 pm

As Real as Your Life

Penn undergrad Michael Highland has a movie coming out on DVD – a short documentary about his experiences as a gamer. It’s called As Real as Your Life. I got to watch it a while back, and it’s great. They liked it at Brown, too. Here’s a trailer, and another.

6 Responses to “As Reel as Your Lives”

  1. Vika Says:

    Any idea where one would purchase this movie? Will it be Amazoned? Netflixed?

  2. nick Says:

    I don’t know! But I’ll leave a comment here (or get someone else, like Michael, to do so) as soon as I do know.

  3. Michael Highland Says:

    Hey, it’s me, the guy who made the film – thanks for looking everyone. To answer your questions, we’re about to print DVDs, they will be for sale through my producers website. Not sure yet whether we’ll find a distributor to get them onto amazon/netflix, but hopefully after the film is in festivals this coming year we will :)

  4. Michael Highland Says:

    another note, a website for the film is up – high quality versions of the trailers are there along with some stills, back story, and updates on the film. Stay tuned there if you’re interested.

  5. Bob Says:

    Cool trailer – can’t wait.

  6. Nick Montfort Says:

    Here’s the As Real as Your Life DVD, now available for purchase.

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