September 20, 2006

IF Detected on Book Publisher’s Site

by Nick Montfort · , 11:27 am

Dan Schmidt, IF hero, pointed out that the official site for The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters, written by Gordon Dahlquist and being published by Random House in ten installments, holds a surprise – two surprises. The “online adventure” part of the site contains two promotional pieces of interactive fiction written in Inform: the “Celeste Temple Adventure” and the “Cardinal Chang Adventure.” Mobile play is available, too.

From The Glass Books site

These silicon-driven potential stories are a clever play on the the idea of a glass book and an interesting marketing twist, but I’m still going to keep to my original plan of writing promotional books as a way of getting people to play my interactive fiction.

3 Responses to “IF Detected on Book Publisher’s Site”

  1. josemanuel Says:

    Hey, it´s in debug mode! You can cheat!

  2. UL-Tomten Says:

    Having things like “You open the bag and find […]” in the room descriptions isn’t very 2006.

    Btw, how do you cheat? IDSPISPOPD did nothing.

  3. Dan Shiovitz Says:

    Inform games compiled in debug mode let you use the commands TREE, PURLOIN,
    and some others.

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