September 24, 2006

Writing 3-D

by Scott Rettberg · , 2:27 pm

Rita Raley guest-edited the latest release of The Iowa Review Web focused on texts in which three dimensionality is suggested or realized. In addition to Raley’s contextualizing introduction on three-dimensional electronic literature ranging from Brown University’s cave-writing workshop to other forms of writing for complex surfaces, the issue includes interviews and documentation of works by Dan Waber, Jason Pimble, Ted Warnell, David Knoebel, Aya Karpinska, Sandy Baldwin, William Gillespie, and John Cayley.

8 Responses to “Writing 3-D”

  1. mary Says:

    sounds fabulous! go rita!

  2. noah Says:

    I’m very impressed with the thoughtful treatment of Screen in the issue’s introductory essay, and I’m looking forward to digging in to the featured pieces. With this new issue and Scott’s we’ve got a couple particularly notable guest edited issues on our hands. I guess the TIR Web people did a smart job of inviting their guests.

  3. noah Says:

    Hmmm… is it just me, or is Scott’s issue missing from the TIR Web’s archives page?

  4. Rita Says:

    Re: Scott’s issue – a few links have to be corrected. “Current issue” goes to Scott’s, etc.

    Thanks for posting a thread here. Before we have a substantive conversation, could I be so vain as to ask for the spelling of my last name to be corrected (Raley). When John and I are listed together I notice we’re both “aley” or “ayley”!

  5. noah Says:

    Oops. Looks like someone’s fixed it now…

  6. scott Says:

    Whoops, sorry about that Rita. Great issue!

  7. Rita Says:

    Thanks! I just learned yesterday about the upgrade of the CaveWriting authoring system; next week, according to Coover, “we hope to have a portable tool that can be downloaded onto laptops for building complex spatial hypertexts at home or at workstations, and with many new enhancements.” Noah, have you seen the tutorial by any chance?

  8. noah Says:

    I believe its starting point was work by Sascha Becker in which I was involved, but it’s been taken in important new directions by Ilya Kreymer and Nick Musurca. I saw some of their work, but much of it has happened since I left Brown. In terms of publications, while they don’t cover the most recent material, you might be interested in a SIGGRAPH sketch and poster that discuss this work…

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