September 26, 2006

E-lit Moves to Maryland

by Nick Montfort · , 11:31 am

ELO attire on displayELO and MITH announcement MITH space

Over the summer, the Electronic Literature Organization (ELO) moved its headquarters from UCLA to the University of Maryland, specifically, to MITH (the Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities). This is a great move for the ELO, and I think for MITH as well. As vice president of the ELO, I was one of the people working to help this happen – Scott, co-founder of ELO, and Noah, the other VP of the organization, also put a lot of work into this. And many others did the packing and (literal heavy) lifting to get the office packed up, unpacked, and set up. We’re glad to have helen DeVinney, who is doing her English PhD at Maryland, at MITH as the ELO managing director. We’re looking forward to the ELO being based on the East Coast at its MITH headquarters, and to seeing its national network of activities and events continuing and improving. Check out the press release announcing the move.

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