September 28, 2006

8 Bit Mary

by Michael Mateas · , 12:30 am

GrandTextAuto’s own Mary Flanagan appears in the documentary 8 Bit, premiering October 7 at the New York MOMA. The trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

2 Responses to “8 Bit Mary”

  1. mary Says:

    Jonah Brucker Cohen kindly pointed this out … here’s a segment of a review about the recent game art documentary 8Bit:

    “…[A]rtist/scholar Mary Flanagan approaches the topic from a more theoretical level, which is incredibly helpful to an informed outsider but also frustrating simply because theory, especially when coupled with too much deconstructionism, can pretty much be death to art and creative thinking. Maybe that’s just the chip on my shoulder. Flanagan, at any rate, asks some really important questions about the impact of games and gaming technology on our culture and, therefore, on ourselves, and she seems eager to stress how important is it not to allow these questions to go unanswered. Peel away the temporary DIY art-trends and this moment with Mary Flanagan is the secret heart of 8 BIT.”

  2. mary Says:

    abc news covered the new 8bit documentary film!

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