October 5, 2006

[giantJoystick] moves

by Mary Flanagan · , 1:47 pm

Hi All, for those in London for the London Games Festival, the [giantJoystick] is front and centre –check it out! The LGF is a week-long celebration & offers a series of events across multiple locations showcasing the ‘hottest’ games, seminars and people helping to shape the UK gaming industry. The World Series event @ LGF is hosting a lounge for viewing the staged tournaments & features the [gJ].

2 Responses to “[giantJoystick] moves”

  1. mary Says:

    by the way, the World Series of Video Games is being held Fri 6th – Sun 8th Oct @ the London Trocadero
    Attendees of the event can compete in these tournaments or watch the world’s best gamers as they battle for over £40,000 in cash and prizes! Wow!

  2. Souvik Says:

    I was just wondering whether you know about another computer games festival being held just weeks after the London Games Festival.
    Nottingham, which has recently got itself the reputation of a major gaming centre, is coming up with GameCity, it’s very own
    annual interactive entertainment festival from the 25th to 29th October 2006. The events range from arcade gaming , computer game
    art and music and generally something from every part of the industry. The event is being supported by the Nottingham Trent
    University. Those interested can find more info on
    http://www.gamecity.org/. As the organisers of the event put it: Welcome Game Citizen.

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