October 11, 2006

Girls and Kenny on WoW

by Mary Flanagan · , 1:51 am

According to “Game News”‘ report on the Nielsen Entertainment’s third annual Active Gamer Benchmark Study (released 2 days ago),
there are roughly 117 million “Active Gamers.” Women make up nearly two- thirds of all online gamers, but men still outnumber women in the overall video game universe by more than two-to-one. Check it out. Nielsen conducted the study online with 2,200 “Active Gamers” — those 13 years or
older who owned a gaming device and played games at least once a week.

And while they are all boys, and therefore not in the majority online, check out episode 1008 (# 147) “Make love not warcraft” of South Park, which takes place mostly in WoW. OMG.