November 5, 2006

The Book of Tetris

by Nick Montfort · , 3:37 pm

The Story of Tetris, a venerable BBC documentary now online, is certainly worth seeing, although, as is always the case when the story of video games is told in popular culture, it’s about money money money business and money. This time the story is told well, featuring thrills, blunders, and a plucky underdog negotiator who keeps a video diary. There are some politics thrown in, and no doubt played up, to make things interesting, and some nice video of a very early version of Tetris running on an old Russian computer – for the true fetishists.

Tetris bookshelf Since we always seek such connections here on Grand Text Auto: The link between Tetris and the literary is rather tenuous, but there is one, as le blogue tells us.

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