November 16, 2006

IF Comp 2006 Winners

by Nick Montfort · , 1:38 am

The results are in, and Emily Short’s Floatpoint takes top honors at the 2006 Interactive Fiction Competition. The Primrose Path by Nolan Bonvouloir and The Elysium Enigma by Eric Eve placed second and third. Congratulations to these authors and to the others who finished games, entered them, and placed in the Comp. Another person who deserves thanks and congratulations is Stephen Granade, who has been running the Comp since 1999. All the games are still available for download, of course.

Reviews of games will be flowing freely soon, and I’ll try to add links to these in comments below. I certainly encourage you, if you are posting reviews yourself and are reading this, to add a comment with a link.

5 Responses to “IF Comp 2006 Winners”

  1. nick Says:


  2. Matt Says:

    Reviews of every game:

  3. Jimmy Maher Says:

    Hi, Nick…

    Thanks for all you continue to do to promote IF outside of the traditional community.

    I have written reviews of the Comp games, which you can find here:

  4. niz Says:

    spoiler-free reviews:

  5. Merk Says:

    A collection of links to MANY IFComp 2006 review sets:

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