November 21, 2006

Video Game Rictuses

by Nick Montfort · , 1:20 am

Portrait of a video gamer

Portraits of people playing video games, from New York photographer Phillip Toledano. Which is your grimace? (Thanks to inky for the link.)

3 Responses to “Video Game Rictuses”

  1. Jim Whitehead Says:

    LOL! Thanks for posting.

    Raph Koster makes the point that much that is fun in games derives from the activity of learning and puzzle solving. So, are these pictures of people deeply and emotionally engaged in the learning process?

  2. eben Says:

    Anyone ever see that vice mag where that photographer took pictures of people while they were on various drugs? They kind of look the same. Reminds me of that dilated Nintendo-eye from the ads…

    Raph Koster is obviously full of it. Harper’s totally blew their last ‘forum on videogames and learning’ by inviting him in on the discussion. The connection between fun and learning as Koster draws it out is tenuous at best- perhaps he could refine his arguments by doing some drugs…

  3. Gamer Andy Says:

    Game Face: The Grimace

    Some of these pictures have been floating around for a while (photos of peoples faces as they play videogames) but I’ve avoided posting them because I see them everywhere…. That said, this most recent set really caught hold of me…

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