November 28, 2006

full tilt

by Mary Flanagan · , 5:05 pm

Tiltfactor, the first academic center to focus on social activist games, celebrated its annual fabulous open house! Started in 2005, our mission is to research and develop software and art that creates rewarding, compelling, and socially responsible interactions, with a focus on inventive game design for social change.

On Friday Nov 17th, the Tiltfactor researchers and I had an open house at our lab at Hunter College.

Researchers create games for change, educational games, artwork, and social software. We strive to make effective interventions in thinking about how games, and software in general, can evolve to take into account social activist principles. Tiltfactor team members endeavor to use excellent game design to teach equality, improve the self-efficacy of underrepresented groups and foster collaboration while satisfying healthy competitive urges. Its work includes The Adventures of Josie True (a game to teach middle school girls science & math), the RAPUNSEL/Peeps games project, (a game to teach middle school girls computer programming), as well as Values at Play. Tiltfactor promotes research, scholarship, and creative practice centering on the social impact of new technology.Organized by Suyin Looui, Alice Bonvicini, Philip Buuck, Jay Bachhuber, games, art, and good food, wine, and discussion were enjoyed by all. With exceptional joy we enjoyed the Gavi di Gavi and Orvieto wines, as well Camembert and Ricotta with Honey, among other Italian inspired treats.

Gus Andrews and folks from Columbia came down, as well as folks from Steinhardt at NYU. I attempted to play the 1980s Milton Bradley game Save the World, while others played with a new version of the RAPUNSEL game and other projects.

One Response to “full tilt”

  1. nick Says:

    Congratulations on this great event, Mary! I wish I had been there to share the games and wine.

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