December 2, 2006

New IF: Last Resort

by Nick Montfort · , 11:40 pm

Jim Aikin, cellist and author of the old-school, maze-filled, shopping mall treasure quest Not Just an Ordinary Ballerina, has just released a new piece of interactive fiction. It’s called Last Resort (download directly) and comes packed with a PDF map. Aikin calls it “a large, serious story” and notes that reaching a winning ending is not easy, and will take many tries for most people. Below is the first bit of Last Resort’s prologue…

Tuesday afternoon. Hot, with that sticky humid Southern heat that makes your hair droop and your shirt stick to you. Why on Earth did Aunt Caroline insist on bringing you to this horrible place? “Eternal Springs,” it said on the sign at the end of the driveway. Whatever.

And now Aunt Caroline is hiding in the bathroom, which is truly weird. She’s been in there for, like, half an hour. Maybe you should go outside and explore. Not that there’s likely to be anything worth seeing in this dump, but anything would be better than hanging around a creepy, smelly motel room all afternoon.

One Response to “New IF: Last Resort”

  1. Malcolm Ryan Says:

    Talking about new IF, Skotos are running a public alpha of their new “online storytelling game” The Lazarus Project. From their blurb:

    The Lazarus Project is a mix of a purely social roleplaying game, with
    elements of staff-oriented storytelling and automated game missions. In
    Alpha Colony, scientists study the human lifespan, death, and cryogenic
    sciences. *You* have been created to help them test several new
    breakthrough theories. Taking the role of a newly grown citizen, you can
    seek out proper employment, become involved in scientific
    experiments/research, undertake exploration in the gameworld, or enjoy
    social roleplaying with other online players.

    This might be the first Skotos title that I’m really interested in playing. I tried playing The Eternal City a while ago, but had trouble with their Java client (sadly they won’t allow you to use your own MUD client).

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