December 5, 2006

“A Spreadsheet for God”

by Andrew Stern · , 1:47 pm

… says Will Wright of Spore, as heard on The Colbert Report last night. Watch it here via King Lud IC via YouTube via Comedy Central.

2 Responses to ““A Spreadsheet for God””

  1. andrew Says:

    Note this isn’t the first time Will has been on national TV; he and his generally unsung co-designer Chris Trottier were on 60 Minutes in 2003; here’s the transcript. The title of their segment, “Sex Lies and Video Games”, is eerily familiar.

  2. Patrick Says:

    But culturally speaking, the difference between a game design personality interfacing with Colbert, and a game design personality interfacing with Barbara Walters or whatever, is huge.

    You’re correct to point out a resilliantly incredulous subtext in these media clips, it seems games stil haven’t quite broken through.

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