December 10, 2006

Star C. Foster

by Nick Montfort · , 8:11 pm

Star C. Foster, blogger and co-author of the most highly acclaimed interactive fiction of 2003, Slouching towards Bedlam, died this morning in Philadelphia. Star was an editor of Phillyist, wrote for Shiny Shiny, and had her own corner of the blogosphere, Sarcasmo’s Corner. Two years ago she joined me and Scott, along with Dan Ravipinto and Emily Short, at the Interactive Fiction Walkthroughs event at the Kelly Writers House. On the Web, along with many of her own photos and much of her writing, you will find a portrait of Star in Rittenhouse Square. The news of her death was posted today on Phillyist.

11 Responses to “Star C. Foster”

  1. andrew Says:

    That’s so sad, she was so young. My condolences to her family and friends.

  2. Dennis G. Jerz Says:

    What shocking news… She was a talented writer. I never met her, but I knew her through her blog, her writing. and her IF.

  3. nick Says:

    See posts by Emmett Plant and Jim Genzano.

  4. scott Says:

    That’s awful. I really liked her, she was a wonderful person.

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  6. josemanuel Says:

    I used to read her blog, too. She was such a funny writer. And, according to the people who knew her, a really nice person. She sure will be missed.

  7. Kamen Nedev Says:

    Gosh. I am such a fan of “Slouching Towards Bedlam”… You never see these things coming, really. You read/interact with someone’s work, and then, all of a sudden, that presence, that person you’ll never really get to know, is gone…

    And she will be missed…

  8. michael Says:

    Very sorry to hear this. I loved Slouching Towards Bedlam.

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  10. nick Says:

    In lieu of flowers the family is asking that donations be made in Star’s name to the Star. C. Foster Memorial Scholarship Fund at Central High School.

    Donations can be made to the Associate Alumni of Central High School
    (please make checks payable to AACHS)
    P.O. Box 26580
    Philadelphia PA 19141

    It is our intent that the scholarship, once it is set up, will allow an award to be given to a female student who is an aspiring writer to use for her college education.

  11. Jimmy Maher Says:

    At Nick’s prompting, I asked Daniel Ravipinto (Star’s co-author on Slouching Towards Bedlam) to write a piece about Star for SPAG, the IF online magazine I edit. The result can be found in the latest issue:

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