December 11, 2006

Pour les Fictions Interactives

by Andrew Stern · , 7:35 pm

Nicolas Szilas of IDTension, who just reported on TIDSE06 for us, announces a new collection of papers co-edited with Jean-Hughes Réty, “Création de récits pour les fictions interactives : simulation et réalisation” (as you can see, in French), at the intersection of games and stories.

Authors are a mix of academic and videogame designers coming from disciplines ranging from hypertext literature to computer science. They include independent scholar and frequent GTxA commentor Marie-Laure Ryan, Stéphane Natkin (researcher of video games and head of a new school of video games in France), Stéphane Donikian (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique), Sandy Louchart (working with Ruth Aylett on emergent narrative), Nicolas himself, and Jean-Noel Portugal, a game author whose views on Interactive Drama are quite relevant, says Nicolas.

(Speaking of interesting collections on this topic, Second Person should be out soon too, I hope.)

2 Responses to “Pour les Fictions Interactives”

  1. Nicolas Szilas Says:

    Here are the other authors of the book:
    – Clarisse Bardiot, phD, on Digital Art and Drama
    – Stéphane Bura, on Video Games
    – Jean Clément, on Cyberlitterature
    – Stefan Grüvogel and Liliana Vega, co-author with Stéphane Natkin

    Note that all chapters (except one) are original papers.

  2. Dominic Says:

    Really interesting. I should visit this blog everyday, then I could have put it on my wish list for christmas in time. :(

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