January 2, 2007

SLSA ’07: Code

by Nick Montfort · , 11:34 pm

As I mentioned in passing in my MLA post, this year’s Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts conference in Portland, Maine is about CODE:

Code can be “wet” (genetic, organic, human), “dry” (digital, mathematical, logical), something in-between, neither, or both (linguistic, symbolic, religious, moral, legal).

I prefer my code very dry – best to just show it the vermouth. But however you like your code, and even if you are legalistically or genetically inclined, you should find plenty of good discussion at SLSA. The deadline is March 15: See the SLSA ’07 call for papers.

Code is certainly a hot topic in digital media, as you can see from Mark Marino’s ebr essay on Critical Code Studies, Matthew Fuller’s Software Studies workshop and forthcoming book, and the work of Rita Raley, Florian Cramer, and several others. Code was the topic of the 2003 Ars Electronica, and it’s indicated as new territory in the five-layer model on the Platform Studies site. I’m hoping that I’ll make it to SLSA and that I’ll see you code-inclined folks there.

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