January 14, 2007

Art Barter for Book and Volume

by Nick Montfort · , 6:52 pm

Book and Volume USB flash drives I have 30 hand-labeled USB flash drives that contain my 2005 interactive fiction Book and Volume – they also contain a silly promotional video for Book and Volume and a press kit. These are material artifacts that store some of my free digital literary work. To be clear: you do not need one of these to play the game. Anyone can download Book and Volume for free. These USB drives are also not technological artifacts you’d want for their own sake. They hold only 32MB.

Nevertheless, would you like one of these? I will send one to anyone who sends me some material art object or creative document along with a return address. I don’t mind, of course, if the artwork you send is mass-produced – no “aura” is required. It could be, for instance, a book you wrote, a poem (written, printed, recorded), a print, a tape, CD, or DVD of yours, or some computer media with your work on it. You could send a bumper sticker you created, a Fluxus box, or documentation of one of your performances, installations, or exhibits.

If you’re interested, please mail your art barter goodie to the following address, and be sure to include your own address so I can send you a Book and Volume flash drive in return:

[Address removed.]

When I either run out of these or finish up at Penn and am no longer at this address, I’ll update this post.

[It’s been updated – thanks to everyone who sent something!]

4 Responses to “Art Barter for Book and Volume

  1. dglen Says:

    A generous offer. My offering is in the mail tomorrow.

  2. Kate M. Says:

    Are electronic submissions acceptable?

  3. nick Says:

    Of course – I’ve already gotten digital art, and Book and Volume is itself electronic. I just ask that you send the work in the mail, on physical media, as I’m offering to do in return.

  4. nick Says:

    Thanks to the many who have sent something, often from far-away places.

    My days at Penn are drawing to a close. If you want to send me some art, literary, digital, or otherwise, in exchange for a Book and Volume USB drive, please do so within the next week – before July 13. Around that time, I’ll remove the address from this post.

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