January 25, 2007

SCMRPG, Slamdance, Victory

by Nick Montfort · , 11:27 pm

SCMRPG on Google News: 162 articles
Slamdance on Google News: 155 articles

Slamdance hasn’t yet posted news of who won their games competition, which half of the games competition’s teams, including me, withdrew from. But congratulations go to the overall press winner, Danny Ledonne, whose game has become, by some counts, more popular than the entire Slamdance Film Festival. (This, even though one film there caused a melee in the street outside.) I hope that some of the interest in independent games outlasts this controversy, and that the other finalists – who put in so much work to offer beauty, fun, and various sorts of engagement with our world – will get at least some amount consideration from the public. And thanks to Arthouse Games, which reviewed all the games that were freely available or had downloadable demos.