January 28, 2007

Net Rete Red Art

by Nick Montfort · , 1:06 am

newmediaFIX, in collaboration with Turbulence, presents three (or nine, depending upon how you look at it) new critical essays about some of the prodigious net art work that has been hosted in past years on the Turbulence site. The essays, at 3 X 3: New Media Fix(es), are each available in English, Italian, and Spanish. They are “The Body in Turbulence” by Josephine Bosma; “Narrating with New Media: What Happened with Whatever has Happened?” by BelĂ©n Gache; and “Turbulence: Remixes + Bonus Beats” by Eduardo Navas. They offer very interesting threads of thought, and also provide a good excuse to ply Turbulence’s archive of online art.

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