January 31, 2007

Digital Art Gives the Finger, Gets Blown Up

by Nick Montfort · , 5:32 pm

LED art A piece of LED art, referring to the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, seems to have been “neutralized” by a Boston police bomb squad. Police have found several other devices, presumably the same Lite-Brite-style artworks. And it seems they now have declared the devices part of a hoax that is “not funny.” A caption in that last article claims that at least of the devices was “detonated.” The news about this one came to me from Joe Shaw.

This recalls earlier incidents in Ohio (with Super Mario Bros. “?” blocks) and, much earlier, the New York Subway (“FEAR” boxes). Not to mention our own Scott Rettberg being questioned by police as he and I were working on Implementation in Philadelpia’s 30th Street Station.