February 4, 2007

Chicago’s OPENPORT festival

by Nick Montfort · , 6:55 pm

If anyone made it to some of the weekend 1 events, let us know how they went.

OPENPORT: Realtime Performance, Sound, & Language
begins this week @
Links Hall
3435 N Sheffield, 2nd Floor
Chicago, IL 60657
$12 ($10 students, seniors, unemployed)

Links Hall’s new Artistic Associates each curate a month-long series of performance, based on expertise in their respective artistic fields. February’s program has been curated by Nathan Butler (US), Mark Jeffery (UK), Judd Morrissey (US), and Lori Talley (US).

full details: http://www.openportchicago.com

Wilton Azevedo (BR) Caroline Bergvall (UK) Mark Booth (US) John Cayley (CA/UK) jonCates + Jake Elliot (US) Marie Cool (FR) & Fabio Balducci (IT) Galen Curwen-McAdams (US) Robb Drinkwater (US) eRikm (FR) Loss Pequeño Glazier (US) Goat Island (US) Michael Graeve (AU) jUStin!katKO (US) Simon Lonergan (US) Talan Memmott (US) Bryan O’reilly (US / NIR) Jillian Peña (US) Marina Peterson (US) Donna Rutherford (UK) Laetitia Sonami (US/FR) & Sue Costabile (US) Alan Sondheim (US) James Tierney (US) TNWK (UK) Dana Vinger & Robyn Okrant (US) Lito Walkey (CA) & Boris Hauf (AT) Fiona Wright (UK) Marissa Zanotti (UK)

OPENPORT Visiting Scholars
Wendy Hui Kyong Chun (US) N. Katherine Hayles (US) Adrian Heathfield (UK)

OPENPORT is a convergence of artists from a set of distinct contemporary practices including movement-based live art, experimental sound, performance writing, and electronic poetry.

Festival keywords include: the live body, network presence, virtual embodiment and disembodiment, duration, speed, live writing, programmatic composition, realtime processing, live data acquisition and mapping.

In conjunction with the OPENPORT performances, there will several events throughout Chicago including a symposium, Disppearance of Latitude: Live Presence and Realtime in Contemporary Practice, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a lecture series at Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, and a panel discussion at the Chicago Cultural Center.

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