March 10, 2007

We Miss Our Bloglines Subscribers, Too

by Nick Montfort · , 10:52 pm

If you’re reading Grand Text Auto via Bloglines, you presumably aren’t reading this – the service hasn’t updated our feed since February 25, as a commenter pointed out. We don’t know of any other aggregators that are having problems, and the feeds we’re providing seem to be valid.

Other feeds that Bloglines hasn’t properly digested recently seem to include those of Girls Read Comics (And They’re Pissed) (fixed a few days ago) and IF author Adam Cadre (still doesn’t register updates to the main bloggy part, the calendar). A recent thread at the Bloglines forums suggests that this update problem may be widespread among WordPress-based blogs. Although the title of that post mentions that “newly added feeds aren’t updated,” the problems that bloggers report there are not limited to new feeds.

If this message reaches you, onetime Bloglines readers, know that our Website remains available via HTTP practically 24 hours a day and that we’re still writing. We hope this is a hiccup in Bloglines, but regardless, you’re always welcome to stop by here directly.

5 Responses to “We Miss Our Bloglines Subscribers, Too”

  1. mazirian Says:

    For this reason, several months ago, I ditched bloglines in favor of google reader. I haven’t regretted that switch once.

  2. William Patrick Wend Says:

    I had similar problems with Bloglines when I was using it last year. I ditched it for Thunderbird last summer.

  3. Brad Says:

    Working fine in Google Reader.

  4. Gilbert Bernstein Says:

    I just have a folder of blog bookmarks. I always assumed everyone just read html pages. What’s this fancy schmancy RSS nonsense anyways? =p

  5. Steve Says:

    You’re coming in fine via our wordpress widget feed.

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