April 5, 2007

Insert Quarterly

by Nick Montfort · , 1:23 pm

The first issue of Digital Humanities Quarterly has arrived! Congratulations to editor-in-chief Julia Flanders and the people of DHQ.

Selections: In “Interpretative Quests in Theory and Pedagogy,” Jeff Howard explains and develops some of his work in teaching postmodern novels via quests, as described before here on GTxA. In “Reading Potential: The Oulipo and the Meaning of Algorithms,” Mark Wolff describes how the Oulipian view of “potential” does not immediately lend itself to the analysis, rather than the production, of texts. And there’s a review, by Johanna Drucker, of Willard McCarty’s Humanities Computing.

DHQ is a real achievement – a peer-reviewed, open-access journal, offered under a Creative Commons license, that includes a nice range of previously underrepresented topics and approaches. The first issue is even nicely typeset for screen-reading and printing. While DHQ is clearly a great resource for those strictly in humanities computing / digital humanities, it looks to be open to digital media discussions of many sorts. I’m sure future issues will have plenty to interest those who focus on computer games, literature, and art, and I’ll be anticipating those even as I start in on this issue.

2 Responses to “Insert Quarterly”

  1. Matt Kirschenbaum Says:

    Thanks Nick! Let me just add too that DHQ is specifically interested publishing *creative* new media: games, netart, electronic literature, software are all things we want to have as submissions.

  2. nick Says:

    Oops, I forgot to mention that – certainly another reason that the Grand Text Auto crowd should be interested in reading, and why even those without an academic bent might want to submit work.

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