April 10, 2007

The Party 360?

by Andrew Stern · , 4:47 pm

This just in: Microsoft is releasing a controller with a keyboard for the XBox 360. (Further, I didn’t know this — you can also just simply plug in a regular USB keyboard into the 360.)

Till now, we have been assuming that market for language-based interactive drama would necessarily be limited to PC and Mac users, because of the keyboard requirement.

So, we hadn’t seriously considered developing interactive drama for consoles, because of the keyboard issue. But now… hmm.

(~90% of all game purchases these days are for console, ~10% for PC, from my understanding.)

This would make a good lead-in to the promised Part 3 of my developing-interactive-drama posts, about natural language understanding (NLU) interfaces. I do hope to find the time to write that post soon.