April 11, 2007

Archives & Social Sciences, Number 0

by Nick Montfort · , 1:44 pm

Archives and Social Sciences

Archival & Social Studies, a digital, free, and peer-reviewed journal on archival science, has launched. The journal covers digital issues and draws from other disciplines to solve current problems in archival science. Volume 1 number 0 of A&SS is now out. (Perhaps the bibliographically inclined can explain why the volumes seem to be numbered by an analyst and the issues by a set theorist? A search for “vol 1 no 0” shows this has been done elsewhere.) The Intersections section includes “Archives in the Digital Age: New Uses for an Old Science,” “Searching for meaning in the Library of Babel: field semantics and problems of digital archiving,” and my article “Toward a Theory of Interactive Fiction.” Those interested in submitting should see the manuscript submission guidelines.

One Response to “Archives & Social Sciences, Number 0”

  1. Gilbert Bernstein Says:

    It must be that it’s version 1.0!

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