April 15, 2007

Procedural Arts and GTxA in CGW GWF

by Andrew Stern · , 11:45 pm

Evan Shamoon, a writer at the recent successor to Computer Gaming World magazine, now called Games for Windows, solicited us with a nice set of questions, resulting in a substantial article published in this month’s issue. The article is called “Type What You Feel”.

I’ll continue my somewhat dubious practice of scanning in and posting such articles online (hopefully no one at GFW will complain, especially since we just plugged Microsoft’s hardware and conference cruises).

This blog gets a mention in the article too — perhaps the first time it’s made it into print? I can’t remember.

While we’re on the topic of self-promotion, I’ve made available a trailer for Fa├žade (replete with flying press quotes), as well as two fuzzy videos I made many years ago for Petz and Babyz — the latter two with slightly dry narration, since they were intended for conference presentations. All can be found at our public YouTube page. Perhaps the Petz videos can serve as a demonstration for Ian’s recent paean post.

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