April 20, 2007

Knowledge Representation For Dummies

by Andrew Stern · , 3:39 am

I mean that in the best way. Conrad Barski, M.D., has a site called Lisperati with all kinds of fun illustrated tutorials on topics such as Building, Programming and Hosting Your Own Debian Linux Server; Emacs Tagging; Lisp; and my favorite, How to Tell Stuff to a Computer: The Enigmatic Art of Knowledge Representation.

I created this website in order to help demistify the science of knowledge representation (KR for short) for all who are interested in this still largely underappreciated scientific field. Representing knowledge, in itself, is not a very difficult thing to understand: It is no mystery that computers are a great way to store and retrieve information. But have you ever wondered where things currently stand with the science behind computer information? Is the way we currently use information on computers about as good as it can be? …Or, can we expect that there are major advancements still ahead of us?

Before leaving the site, consider adopting an Alien Lisp Mascot.