April 28, 2007

Saturday at MiT5

by Nick Montfort · , 7:30 pm

There were many more great presentations today at Media in Transition 5. The conference actually includes more than 250 presentations over three days. Fortunately, this abundance is matched with good documentation – all the abstracts and many full papers are online, with more coming. Here is a brief mention of a few of today’s sessions:

“Disruptive Practices.” James Cypher showed several of his video mash-ups, which he shows on public access TV; these included one that conflated music from The Pixes (“Where is My Mind?”) and Dylan (“Blowing in the Wind”). Jay Critchley spoke about his prolific and hilarious art projects, one of which was founding and running the Old Glory Condom Company. Benjamin Mako Hill and Elizabeth Stark told us about the copyright perspectives of an often neglected group – pirates, who are concerned with the rights of media users and consumers.

“Authoring the Digital.” Nick Knouf discussed several robots with non-speech interfaces, including a few versions of his own, syngva. Artur Matuck, by way of telematic art and meta-art, discussed Aaron, Rose, and the concept of an electronic author of visual art. Michelle Riel and Helen Thorington spoke about several provocative projects that have been showcased on Turbulence’s Networked Performance blog.

“Copyright, Fair Use and the Cultural Commons.” We heard from experts in film and law Patricia Aufderheide, Wendy Gordon, and Gordon Quinn, and saw some short videos about fair use and remix culture. Hal Abelson told us some news about fair use from a week (last week) inside a university (MIT).

“Appropriation and Collaboration in Digital Writing.” This was the Scott Rettberg, Nick Montfort, and Jill Walker panel; Scott and Jill gave well-developed papers, while I took the lighter route of the artist’s talk and presented some collaborative and appropriative projects.

3 Responses to “Saturday at MiT5”

  1. nick Says:

    MiT5 wrapped up just now after three Sunday sessions. Drop us a line here if you were at the conference and want to comment on it, or if you have questions about it.

  2. scott Says:

    I posted my presentation on appropriation in electronic literature for anyone interested.

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